Build Your Home With Confidence

A quality control inspection in Winter Haven, Lakeland or Kissimmee, FL can give you peace of mind

Just because a home is new, doesn't mean it's perfect. You want to make sure that the home you're building is completely safe.

Cornerstone Building Analysis, Inc provides new construction inspection services in Winter Haven, Lakeland and Kissimmee, FL. Our team can examine your plumbing, electrical components and roof for any current or potential issues. Finally, our quality control inspection will check for any cosmetic flaws that can be fixed during the final stages of construction.

Meet with a well-qualified new construction inspector from Cornerstone Building Analysis in Winter Haven, Lakeland or Kissimmee, FL today.

Check up on your construction progress

Check up on your construction progress

When you think of home inspections, you probably imagine an inspector coming through your home after the finishing touches are made. Our team can inspect your space during the construction process to make sure that any loose ends are tied. You can get a quality control inspection:

  • Before foundation is poured
  • Before drywall is hung
  • After construction is complete


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