Identify Issues in Your Home

You may need a termite or mold inspection in Winter Haven, Lakeland, FL and all of Central Florida

Does your home have a specific problem? Maybe you're concerned about mold growth or a termite infestation. Cornerstone Building Analysis, Inc team can identify any current issues.

We offer mold, infrared and termite inspection services in Winter Haven and Lakeland, FL. Our infrared thermal imaging tools allow us to identify energy loss via poor insulation or moisture intrusion. Meanwhile, our mold inspection service can find any hidden mold growth in your space.

Do you suspect that your home has a problem? Plan for an infrared or mold inspection service from Cornerstone Building Analysis in Winter Haven, Lakeland, FL and all of Central Florida today.

Schedule a termite inspection in Winter Haven, FL

Schedule a termite inspection in Winter Haven, FL

Many of our customers count on us when they suspect that their home has been infested by termites. Termites feed off of wood and are common in Florida. Our termite inspection services identify possible termite entries and current infestations. That way, you can diagnose the issue and find an effective solution faster.

Don't wait until termites have caused irreparable damage - call 407-518-1211 now to arrange for a termite inspection.