Home Inspections

Cornerstone Building Analysis, Inc. has been conducting home inspections throughout Central Florida since 1998. With extensive experience in construction, our inspectors have the knowledge to diagnose the systems and components of any building. We provide an objective, competent and educated opinion regarding the condition of what may be the single largest investment you make, your home


Infrared photography is used in our home inspections. The IR camera tells us with the naked eye cannot necessarily see. With the use of an IR camera we can see temperature differences that can assist us in discovering moisture intrusion and or high heat situations. This is useful in finding leaks, overloaded electrical connections, and in some cases insulation problems.


Every home inspection includes the visual inspection of symptoms that can lead to mold. A mold inspection is a laboratory procedure where lab samples are taken and, analyzed by a mold lab for diagnosis. Don't guess if harmful mold spores are present in yow home, find out for sure. Yours and your families health and well being are worth it.


Termite inspections can be arranged through Cornerstone Building Analysis, Inc. with A7. The termite and home inspections can be conducted simultaneously. A trained A7 termite inspector will visually assess the structure for the presence of wood destroying organisms. Florida is a termite rich environment. Get the best possible opinion if your proposed purchase is infested or damaged.


What is a home inspection? What you need to know about home inspections!

A home inspection is a visual, non-destructive assessment of the constructions aspects of the structure. So what is included in a home inspection? Click the button to learn more.