The Team

John Weaver


John started Cornerstone Building Analysis, Inc. in 1999.  John has conducted thousands of residential, new construction, commercial, 4 point insurance, wind mitigation, mold and termite inspections throughout Central Florida since 1999.

State of FL. Licensed Home Inspector, HI 4191
State of FL. Mold Assessor, MRSA 1879
Registered Termite Inspector, A7, JE 132868
Registered Professional Building Inspector, FABI 0569

John is a Registered Professional Inspector with The Florida Association of Building Inspectors.

Matthew Weaver

Licensed Inspector

Matthew Weaver has been interning with John Weaver since 2008.  Matthew has assisted in hundreds of home inspections with John since 2008.  Matthew earned his Bachelors degree in 2012 and is now a fully licensed professional.